About Cherry Wilder

Facetune_09-03-2019-18-26-53From the day I was born it’s always been clear that I’m an artist. As a child I spent hours in front of the mirror, practicing my imitations of  stars that made an impression on me. I couldn’t leave my mothers make-up bag alone and the living room in Östersund was my stage. There was always a show to put on to turn the grey Wednesday into a colorful gala evening.


I quickly realized that I stood out. I was something more, something special, unique in my way of entertaining and spreading joy. When I  graduated I packed my bag and moved my base to Gothenburg. From there I travelled to one country after the other, working as an artist and performer. I just love the sparkling sequins, high heels, singing dancing and being in the spotlight!

Now Sweden has a bright shining star on the DRAG arena – me! And apart from most other drag artists I can actually sing. Apart from many years as a professional singer I’ve studied at Musikhögskolan and is classically trained. Act like a pro, sing like a goddess, and always have fun!


Any successful event needs music. I will adjust to the occasion and arrange a professional performance as anything from your main headliner to a small but sparkling part of the evening. Glamorous gala show, fair event, party och something proper for your art exhibition opening, you choose.

Let me be your star!